Jean Paul and two stooges
Posted by Cibba on July 01, 2009 at 20:26:11

Two turbaned Punjabies Kuldip and Jagdip went to Paris and made friends with a young Frenchman named Jean Paul. For several weeks these two stooges went everywhere Jean Paul went. One day Jean Paul went missing. These two looked everywhere for days but could not find Jean Paul. So they went to the Police and reported that Jean Paul is missing.
Policeman: Can you describe your friend Jean Paul?
Kuldip: He is fair, tall and handsome.
Policeman: All Frenchmen are fair, tall and handsome.
Jagdip: He has blue eyes.
Policeman: All Frenchmen have blue eyes. Is there something specific in Jean Paul?.
Kuldip: Ah we remember now. He has two assholes.
Policeman: That's a good clue. How do you know that he has two assholes?
Jagdip & Kuldip: Because whenever we go somewhere with Jean Paul, his friends say " Here comes Jean Paul with two assholes".

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