Posted by Upali Ranatunga on 6/14/2009

Husband and wife are now not taking each other. You know why? They had a dispute to be settled by a third party. Until they reach a settlement all massages are made in writing. EX, Husband writes a note to wife.
"Please prepare a milk tea for me."
Wife writes a note to husband.
"It is ready on the table. Please have it"
One day husband wanted to wake up early morning to go for an important matter.
He wrote a note to the wife.
"Please wake me up tomorrow at 5.00 am"
He received the reply "OK"
Following day morning he got up from the bed and watched the time. It was 7.00 am. He got angry. But how can he talk?
He saw a note left on his pillow.
It says "Now the Time is 5.00am Please wakeup."

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