in the madhouse
Posted by pei pei on 4/29/2009

1.The doctor asked a question: what's the result of 4 multiply 5?
mad 1: 87636
mad 2: Friday
mad 3: 20
The doctor was surprised and asked:" how did u get this answer?"
Well mad 3 said" it's very easy. 87636 add Friday is equal to 20!"

2. In the same madhouse, same doctor, same three mad...
Doctor asked: tell me who r u?"
mad 1: "i'm the GOD!"
mad 2: "no, i'm the GOD!'
But mad 3 said " They r crazy, mad!" And he laughed.
The doctor asked him:" why?"
Mad 3 answered:" because my father has never told me that he wold come here!"

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