Mr. Perera's Dog
Posted by Don on March 17, 2009 at 18:42:12

Fernando and Perera were good friends and both had their own pet dogs. Fernando use to keep his dog always at home but Perera's dog use to be on the lose which Fernando always put objection to perera for doing so.

One day Perera's dog was on the lose and found a pretty female dog which was taken for a walk by her lady. The lady met one of her friends in the middle of the walk and starts to chat. Meantime Perera's dog got the opportunity to hook himself to the female one. When Perera's dog wants go back home the lady realizes what has happened during her conversation with the friend.

Nothing could be done rather run behind the dog by holding the leash. when Perera's dog reach home, Perera show that his dog is hooked to another female dog and a lady with a leash in her hand running behind.

Perera was so thrilled and called Ferenando and said, isay Fernando "BALANAWAKO OOYI MAGE BALLA. UUTH EKAK GAHALA MATATH EKAK ARAN ENAWA".

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