An Accountants' Valentine Poem
Posted by Abeykumara Wijesooriya on 3/01/2009

I was alone and all was dark,
Beneath me & above, time slots were hard
My Life was full of Debit & Credits
I slogged to derive the Profit of Love.
But now you are with me
And my heart is overjoyed
You turned the Trial Balance of my heart
Into a Final balance sheet.
You load entries to my life's oracle on a day-to-day basis,
My life, which was a suspense account
Now seems aligning into a Smooth Cash flow .
I love the way you tally things,
The unbalanced TB of life, only you can tally
The schedules of my life, which you prepare
Are so self-explanatory, no more JV's required.
I cannot survive without U,
You are my Working Capital
You are the Asset of my life, without any corresponding liability
Even an accountant Wonders How and Why??
Your Smiles that are the dumped credit entries in the month
Invokes the Cash Box to reduce
For which there is no provision but,
I know you do the same to tally my Financial Statements

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