Posted by Nagarajah on February 07, 2009 at 22:35:50

John & Jerry went to the church, John wanted to do his confession & asked Jerry to wait for him till he finished his confession. John went to Father Tom & said that he want to do his confession, Father said " very well son go to the confession cubicle, neel down & say your prayers, I will be with u in a few minutes.

Father Tom came to the cubicle & said " alright son, have you sinned " John said " yes father I have " Father said" tell me your sins my son " John said, I had sex with Mary father " immiediately father Tom asked " is it the Mary living down Church street " " I do not know her address father" said John, " never mind. who is the next asked father Tom " it is Annabel, father " immiediately father Tom asked " is it Annabel who lives down Convent road " John said he did not know her address, "very well " father Tom said " who is your next victim " for which John said " it is Issabel, father " immiediately Father Tom asked " is it Issabel who lives down First cross street " John said " I am sorry father I never asked for her address.

Father Tom told John to say Hail Mary 30 times for his sins, and with that the confession was over.

John came out of the church in a very cheerfull mood, Jerry asked why he was so happy and John said "Father Tom gave me names & address of 3 women with whom we can go any time ".

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