The parrot, maid girl and the owner
Posted by Ashok on October 29, 2008 at 10:25:33

The house owner was really interested with his maid girl and planning to have good time once his wife is away.

So the time comes and he had sex with maid girl. but after sometimes he was feeling bad and he hurt himself for his mistake.
Few days back, he really felt very much upset and he planned to make suicide by cutting his penis. He was mumbling and just took the knife.

The parrot which lives in his house understood his owner planning to have suicide and need to save him. The parrot called the police station immediately. Sir, please come immediately and save my owner who is going to suicide.

Meantime, the owner tries and gets failure to cut his penis. he was afraid too. Parrot were noticing these things and got upset once realized what's going to happen. Called the police immediately. Police were rushing and had a call from the same number again. Police wondered and answered the call.

The parrot speaks, sir, please save me before save my owner.
He is sharpening his penis and making into small size. I am sure he is planning to rape me too.

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