Two Black Eyes
Posted by Hushan Jayanetti on 5/22/2008

A devoted Christian gentleman who attended Sunday church came home to his wife with two black eyes. while examining his horrible looking eyes with great sorrow she asked "what happened." In response to his wifes question the husband said "look darling I tried to do a good deed at the church but this is how I was thanked for it." Feeling ever so sorry and curious the wife asked him again about what had happened at the church.

"Darling, there was this beautiful young girl sitting in front of me in church and we all stood up to say our prayers then, I noticed her skirt was tucked in between her butt cheeks. I immediately reached over, pulled it out and helped her. To my surprise she turned around all angry and hit me in the right eye. I don't understand but thats how I got the black eye."

She couldn't believe her ears and getting little angry at her husband herself she asked "then what happened to the left eye?" "I tucked it back in."

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