A night at the barn
Posted by mindheadhussa on 2/23/2008

Once a travelling salesmen was on his way to a remote place, of course he knew of an Inn which will take him. a friend of him gave the location. However due to heavy wind and rain he could not reach the place, so he thought of finding an alternate arrangment. while walking he came to a small farm house, knowing that he can't travel any more, he knnocked the door.

A lady above middle age of not so good looking with a sad face opened the door. So he asked her "Mam, can I stay over night, the weather is so foul I don't think I can make it to the Inn. she say "Sir the only spare room I had I have given ti to this young couple who came in a moment before, however if it is OK you can stay with the baby in her room".

He thought for a while and it struck to him"what if the baby does PEE on him at sleep or be a nuisance all night'. So he asks the lady "mam I don't like to be disturbing her, rather if you could allow me sleep in the barn I'll be out of here by morning". The lady says "as you like it" and offers him a heavy blanket.

He makes him self a place to sleep, though it was not very comfortable at least he could sleep without the hassle of baby beside.

In the morning he wakes up to the sound of the Cow to see a Beutiful Maiden is milking the cow, and she is ravishing HOT. And she too looks at him with eager eyes. He says "Good Morning, well I didn't see you yesterday when I came. Do you live here or you just visit". 'Yes I do live here, and, I heard you speak to my Mum".

Then he says "I thought you are one of the couple she said came to stay over night". What's your name." With her answer he collapses.

Her answer was, "I'M THE BABY".

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