Adult Jokes
Posted by Ranjan Gunawardena on 1/05/2008

1. Banta in Love

Banta fell in love with a porno star and married her.
He got an opportunity to watch one of her movie....
the Movie came to an End.

A bit disturbed and annoyed with what he saw,
Banta told himself, "Thank God it was just a movie and not reality."

2. Size - Does it matter?

A young man was so paranoid about the size of his little tool that he could never work up the courage to have sex.
However, when the time goes on he fell in love with a nurse.

One fine evening, the couple went to her place. She put on some soft music and led him into the bedroom.
Totally scared, he told her of his problem."Don't worry," She said. "I'm a nurse. I won't laugh."
Blushing the man drops his trousers."It's OK," she said. "I've seen lots smaller than this."

"Really?" the relieved man asked.

She nodded. "Yes," she chuckled, "I used to work in the maternity unit."

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