Who is to pay the bill?
Posted by Jehan Perera on November 16, 2007 at 16:12:35

A man admitted in to a hospital run by nuns for surgery. After the surgery he was handed over a huge bill to be paid.

The man went to the manager who too was a nun and told her that he couldn't afford to pay this bill. "I haven't got so much money" he said.

The manager nun asked him " haven't you got a family?"

He responded "no, I don't have any other family or relatives except a sister who too is a nun, a spinster like you".

The nun was not happy at his comment and told him
"we are not spinsters, we are married to Jesus".

"Is that so, the man responded, "you mean my sister too is married to Jesus, then please send the bill to my brother in law".

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