Posted by pissu pusa on September 25, 2007 at 13:27:05

These are the services offered at Mihin Lanka.

MENU: No western food is available. Only kekulu hale buth, indi appan, kurakkan pittu, kurakkan thalapa, pathola maluwa, parippu maluva and fried wel malu. Kiri peni and Hambantota kalu dodol are available for dessert.

BEVERAGES: No imported wines. You have a choice between 'pol raa' (toddy) and 'kashiya' (aka katukambi and suduwa).

IN FLIGHT MAGAZINE: A copy of Mahinda Chinthana

SMOKING: This is a non smoking flight but beedis are allowed. You can also enjoy a bulath vita. Please be careful when you open the window to spit.

IN AN EMERGENCY: You will find Buddhist monks chanting 'Ithpiso bhagava...' in the screen in front of you

CLASSES: FIRST CLASS (Renamed Mahinda Class) Has only two seats and they are permanently reserved for Mahinda maama and his wife.

BUSINESS CLASS (Renamed Basil class) Reserved for Ministers, but only a limited number of ministers can be allowed due to the limitations in the number of seats.

TICKET PRICING: You have to pay 10% additional which will be credited to a Swiss account of You NO HOO.

CREW: To take care of all your needs we have the largest air line crew, just like our jumbo cabinet. (Please note Air hostesses can only speak Sinhala because all of them are from Hambantota)

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