Maldeniye simiyon
Posted by Ajantha Subapanditha on 8/06/2007

Cops in New York City arrest a sri Lankan for domestic violance and questions him at the police station.
Police : Do you have any tatoos on your body?
SL : Yes
Police : Where? we don't find any thing.
SL : It is in my penis
After examining it carefully they find few letters tattoed on his penis and it says "Ma si n"
Cops : What is it? what does it mean?
SL : That's my name
Cops ; Your name is"Masin?
SL: No there is only few letters you see now. You want to see it fully? Then he goes on "feeling" his penis for a few seconds and the Cops gradually see the whole name comming up
"maldeniye Simiyong"

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