All Men Have One...!!
Posted by Shanaka on May 16, 2007 at 17:59:05

I have one
Your husband will have one
Your mother uses your father's one
And your auntie uses your uncle's one
A married lady would acquire one
But a divorced lady would lose her one
A Pope doesn't use his one
Madonna doesn't have one
The Chinese usually have short ones
While the Sri Lankans usually have long ones
After your marriage your husband will give you his one?
Longer or shorter you have to take his one.
Are you afraid of taking a LONG one.
Do you want one?
How long do you want?
Which one is your preferred one?
Long one or short one
(See below for answer)
What you are thinking of?
Are you sure?
Its your Surname,
You Dirty minded joker!!

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