Jump the wall
Posted by Nimal on May 07, 2007 at 17:46:28

At a mental hospital, 2 patients wanted to run away from the hospital. but there was a high wall that was surrounding the hospitals boundary , so these 2 patients planed to jump the wall on the 1st of april. so one patient says to the other " we can't just go and jump, we need to practice". so both of them started to practice jumping this high wall. everyday they jump from the inside of the hospital wall to the out side and back inside. they kept on practicing like this till the 31st of march. on 31st night of march, there was big thunder storm and lighting hit the wall where the 2 patients kept practicing to jump the wall. so on the 1st early morning, one patient went to the wall and came back running to tell the other patient " can't jump today the wall is broken"

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