Satharji joke 3
Posted by B@D B0Y on 4/26/2007

Once an American,a Japanese & Satharji were lost in an island, then when they were finding a way out a small bottle came to the shore from the sea. They all ran to open it, when they opened it a jini came out from the bottle & said "Thank you all for saving me from that small bottle, for this help I will give you each a wish"

The American said "My family is waiting for me so please send me back to America!" then the jini said some magic words & the American dissappeared.

The Japanese said "Even my family also waiting for me so please send me to Japan!" again jini said the words & Japanese dissappeared.

"What is your wish?" asked the jini from Satharji.

"Oh man, its boaring here so please bring them back"

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