Mulla and People
Posted by PJ-FAZ on April 25, 2007 at 20:33:35

One day Mulla was invited to a meeting they asked him unexpectedly to make an speech. He did go on the tribune and asked; does any of you people know what I am going to talk about? People look at each others and said, No.

He then said, "than I never make speech for such an ignorance people" and left the meeting. Once he left people put their mind together and decided to invite Mulla for another time to come and make speech for them. At the same time they agreed that if Mulla ask them same question they all would say "yes".

For second time he came to the meeting and asked "does any of you knows what I am going to talk about? They all responded "yes" than he said if you already know then there is no need for my speech and he left.

This time people got realy pist off and they again decided to invite him for speech but this time they agreed to divide themselves and half of them say "Yes" and the other half say "NO" if same question were asked by Mulla. Same story and same question "does any of you ....?"

This time half of people said "Yes" and the other half said "no".

Then this time he said, "those of you who know tell to those who deosn't know and he left.

Sorry for misspelling and bad grammer.

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