some Indiana Cricket Jokes
Posted by TwinsRamRaj on April 09, 2007 at 16:11:36

What team is Sachin most likely to coach after retirement?
The Grade 5 ladies college teachers team
Who will be the next man of the match in the Indian Cricket Team?
The 100% guranteed newcomers of the Indian Cricket
Who is the next person to retire from the Cricket Team?
All, except for Sachin, he will become the water boy
90% of the next Indian Cricket Team will not OWN houses or businesses in India, even if they do they better have them
What did the spectator miss when he went to the toilet?
The entire Indian Innings.
Where do Indian batsmen perform there best?
In Advertisements.
When would Sachin have 100 runs against his name?
When he is bowling, and in training matches
What is the most proficient form of footwork displayed by Indian batsmen?
The walk back to the pavilion.
How to increase the chances of Indian batsmen playing out the entire 50 overs?
Try giving them two overs to begin with, then try three and so on.
What is the Indian version of a hat-trick?
3 wides in 3 balls
What is the height of optimism ?
Sachin coming out to bat applying sunscreen on his face.
Phone Call for Sachin:
Indian Team Manager : "Hello"(over Phone)
Wife :"Can I talk to Sachin, this is his wife."
Indian Team Manager:"Sorry, he is just gone to bat"
Wife:"No Problem Manager, I will Hold on"

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