Children Nursery
Posted by REx Bowie on 3/09/2007

After the Class was over the teacher had to help putting shoes to little Thomas as usual. One fine day his shoes were very tight the young teacher had a hell of a time to put them on. When al last the job was done.
1) Thomas points out to the young lady that the shoes were on wrong feet.
2) Teacher looked at them carefully and they were really on the wrong feet, so she fought removing them and fit them on again correctly and carefully.
3) Then Thomas:- Those are really not my shoes.
4) Teacher looked at him terrifying and said ''WHY COULD'NT YOU TELL THAT BEFORE'' She removed them after a heavy struggle.
5) Then Thomas told her that these shoes belong to his brother, because it was cold his Mom wanted him to wear them this Morning.
6) Finely the Teacher holding her mouth tight, not letting out any nasty words, breathing hard and got his shoes inserted again.
7) And then the young exhausted teachers told Thomas Okay fine now put your gloves on hurry up and go home.
8) Thomas looked at her surprisingly and told her, I can't, I left them in side the shoes.

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