Jumping the Line
Posted by Douglas on March 04, 2007 at 08:46:15

A bus load of school girls on a picnic in England met with an accident and all went to heaven. The next day morning they were all waiting in line to enter the Pearly Gate. Father Saint Peter looked at the girls waving the cane and said “You are going to answer a question before you can enter.”

“Mary” he addressed the girl in front. “Have you ever come in contact with a man’s penis”. She got blushed and went red, but said meekly, “Father once I touched one with my finger tips”. “OK”, said Saint Peter, “Dip your finger in that holy water and go in.”

He asked the second girl, “Sandy, have you ever touched a man’s penis”. She too got blushed but said, “Yes father, once I took my boy friend’s dick in my hand”. “OK” said father Saint Peter. “Wash your hand in that holy water and go in.”

Suddenly there was a commotion in the line and the girl at the end came rushing through the line. “What seems to be the rush Lisa” Saint Peter asked. “No father I want to wash my mouth with that holy water before Jenifer sticks her ass in it.”

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