My family
Posted by heshani on March 02, 2007 at 19:55:37

This story about me but when I'm 5 years old, now I'm 12 years old!

'Dad.. dad.. I want a big cake for my birthday!' I screeched out of the window as my dad got in to the car! 'I'm sorry honey, I haven't got any money left! I think your mom would make a big cake for you!' my dad replied. 'Oh... Oh... OK! Then, mom... Mom... Can you make a cake for me please? Please...' I pleaded at my mom. 'No! My darling, Oh! I'm so sorry that I couldn't! I couldn't even come to your birthday party, because I'm really busy on that day, I maen tomorrow!' my mom was really hesitated. 'Fine, butmom... Never mind!' I gulped. I was really sad and soon as my dad arrived, I went to my dad and said Dad will you take me to KFC? Please...' I said. 'Right away! Dress up mt sweet little girl I'm really hungry! Let's go and buy lots of foods! We can bring some to mom as well.' My dad was really happy to go to KFC but when I told him that I want a cake he said that he haven't got any money! 'Uhh... Dad are you sure that you want to go KFC, because you said that you haven't got any money!' I said hopefully. 'Um... Um... Um... I... I... I think... I think we... I think we should... uh... We should stay home, hah... I'm sorry...!' He was really exhauseted. Heh! I knew that he like KFC food and he's really greedy! I got my dad at this point I shall ask him for a cake now!

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