The Village Headman
Posted by Alfred Seneviratne on January 29, 2007 at 17:20:30

a) It's an excepted belief by most, that another's dog enters someone's house they always cannot find a stick to beat the animal. Then when the stick or the broom is available no dog rushes in. But when the beating stick is on hand it's always the Village Headman's Dog!

b) A mother with her young son after bath at the river asked the son to go early and she would wash the balance clothes and come later. However, she gave her wrap around cloth having washed to put on the line once he reach home; so it would be dry on her return.
The young son placed the washed cloth of his mother , on the head and kept walking slowly on the edge of the paddyfield.
Right in front of him was the Village Headman, who asked him what's on his head.
The boy answered, "Ammage Reddha!" (Mother's Cloth).
Over his reply, the angered Village Headman slapped him and warned him for 'disrespecting him with fould language!"

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