Marriage Proposal
Posted by Alfred Seneviratne on January 28, 2007 at 20:49:06

Marrige Proposer praise the suiter. Bride's father questions the income and the job of the Suiter.
Marriage Propoer (Magulkapuwa): "What are you asking?
He has a top job and all others work under him. He transfers from branch to branch suprvising all tops!"
Bride's mother questions: "Is he a Bank Manager?"
M. Proposer: "He is even higher than that. He taps trees to make Toddy for top cash."
Marriage Proposer: Highly recommends the suiter. "She
is very pretty, musically inclind; enjoys in playing the Piano anytime."
Bride's Mother, "Apoi Pianota Gahanawnam, Aekaya Apata Apa......"

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