Baby Elephant !
Posted by M. Fahim on October 02, 2006 at 19:22:45

Mottapala the (nutty as his name suggests) always wanted to rear a baby elephant. A vendor at the village market gave him a large Melon in exchange for his cow saying it was actually an Elephant's egg. Mottapala was highly excited & happy.

He was asked to incubate the Egg for 03 weeks by sitting on top of the egg daily & warming it.

After 03 weeks Mottapala was sure the Baby elephant would be ready to come out & one night he asked his nutty wife to have a look while he was on top of the egg & say whether the baby is on its way.

She looked down & replied "I can't see any Elephant but I believe I can see the Elephan'ts trunk coming out"

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