Mother Superior
Posted by Upali.T. on February 02, 2006 at 16:35:37

Two nuns and a mother superior had a fatal accident and died and all three arrived at Heaven's door,

Saint Peter was at the entrance to greet the three nuns and mother superior introduced herself and the other two to saint Peter.

Saint Peter said,"well ladies we have a system here, you'll have to answer a question each before I can let you in"

Nuns and mother superior agreed.

Saint Peter asked the 1st nun "Who was the first man on earth?"
Nun said "adam",

saint Peter said, "You are in"

asked the 2nd nun "Who was the 1st woman on earth?"

nun said,"Eve".

St.Peter said," you are in".

Mother superior came forward,St Peter said "well you were holding a higher post and I will have to ask you a hard question"

"When Eve saw adam standing bollock nacked in front of Eve what did she tell him?"

Mother superior wanted to express the unfairness of the question and in a firm tone she said to st Peter,

"That's a Hard one"

"You are in" said the St Peter.

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