Accident claim
Posted by Nagarajah on 2/02/2006

An accident claim for $ 100,000.00 came up before an high court, the defendent's lawyer got up and said " My lord, at the seane of the accident when the police officer asked the plaintiff how he is and the answer the plaintif gave in his own words were " I am alright ", now how can he claim such a colosal amount as damages from my client.

The plaintiffs lawyer got up and said " My lord let my client explain to your lordship in his own words how the accident happened" so the Judge instructed the plaintiff to narate the accident. The plaintiff said that when he was coming from his farm in his horse carriage, with his pet dog seated by his side, the vehicle driven by the defendent in high speed hit his horse carrige with such a force the carriage was thrown to a side and so were the horse, the dog and himself.

The accident was reported to the police and an officer came to investgate, the seane was in a mess and the police officer went near the horse felt the pulse, took out his revolver and shot the horse dead, then he went to my dog and did the same and finaly he came near with his revolver in hand and asked me how i felt, for which i said i was feeling alright.

The judge awarded full compensation with no questions asked.

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