Three Clergymans and Sunday Collection
Posted by Dilipjay on January 09, 2006 at 18:42:04

Three Clergymans were discussing about the Money (Collection) and what they do with it.

The 1st Clergyman - Ho !. what I do is put the Money into a Basket draw a line on the Floor - Stand on the center of the line say a prayer ( God here is the collection of last Sunday - I will throw this up and what ever money falls to the right side of this line is yours and what ever falls to the left side is Mine. So he throws the Money up and what ever falls to the right side , he keeps to maintain the Church.

The 2nd Clergyman - Ho I also do a similer thing , but I do not use a line . What I do is draw a Circle and what ever money falls inside the circle is Mine and what ever falls outside is belongs to God.

The 3rd Clergyman - What rubbish with this Circles and Lines. , but I also use a basket to put the Money - Say a preyer / throw the Money to Heaven(Up in the Sky) and say - Ho God , please take what ever you want release what ever you do not want to this Poor Me. So each time he has been generous and has given all the collection to me. Ho Thank you God!. ( This Church is in a mess without any maintenance).

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