Roomboy & Mosquito (Adult Joke)
Posted by Nandana on 12/14/2005

There was a nice guest house famous for honey moon.
But there was a "talented guy" working as a room boy in this guest house and able to have fun at least once with the newly wedded bride during honey moon night. He used to do this secretly without getting caught by the bride-groom.

One of his fellows got married and came to the same place challenging the guy that he won't allow to do that to his bride.
Talented guy agreed with the challenge on the condition that lights should go off by 12 mid night.

So, on the day couple came had their time and slept. next morning happy bride groom met his friend -talented guy and said " you have failed, I switched off the light but kept my finger in the hole so that nobody can enter.

Talented guy said "but still I did it" How ?? the groom astonished. You were bitten by a mosquito, what happen after that? Oh ! I slashed on it but kept the finger again in the hole. Did you feel that your bride was swinging her pelvis at that time? Yes she must have got some funny feeling with my finger in it. No It was not your bride , That was me and your finger was in my back!!

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