Clinton in Japan
Posted by Sunil Perera on December 09, 2005 at 17:00:07

Soon after monika lewensky debacle Bill Clinton was very depressed. He thought he should take a break and made a private visit to Japan.Though it was a private visit he was given a right royal welcome and housed in an official residence. An official called Yamamoto was assigned to look after all his needs.

After the second day he was feeling bored, and being the ladies man he thought he will have a Japanese lady for the night. When told about his burning desire Yamamoto readily obliged and organised a pretty doll like virgin for Clinton to spend the night with.

After a few drinks Clinton started making love to her. Half way through she started screaming `kon chok kon chok`.Clinton thought she was complimenting his performance and made love more vigorously.

Next day while playing golf with the Japanese prime minister Yamamoto started shouting`KON CHOK KON CHOK` Clinton was really puzzled, and asked the prime minister what it means. WRONG HOLE came the answer.

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