Sri Lankan Minister
Posted by Gerard Jansz on 11/08/2005

A member of the Sri Lanka parliament was invited by the French government to attend a seminar in France, the best minister was selected and sent to France and he attended all sessions and on the last day he was invited by one of the ministers for a meal in his house, since he was highly impressed on the SL minister.

When the SL minister came into the French ministers house he could not believe his eyes as he was living in a mansion, The SL minister wanted to know how he got the money to do this? The French minister took him to the back yard and showed him a lake and asked him if he could see the bridge far away and he said yes, the French minister said that he took a commission of 5% when building that bridge and made this house, The SL minister was happy, had the meal and came back to Sri Lanka.

Last week when Sri Lanka had the conference to get AID to SL in Kandy the French Minister cam to SL and his Sri Lankan minister friend invited him for a meal too, when these man went to the SL minister's house he too was surprised as this house was better than his, So he was also anxious to know how he got the money and asked him, The SL minister said that " I simply followed you" and took him to his back yard and showed him the lake and asked him if he could see the bridge over it and the French minister saw nothing and said "I SEE NOTHING" and then the SL minister said "Right you build the bridge and took 5%, I planned the bridge, showed the country that gave aid that I built it, sent computer generated pictures of it and took 100% of that and made my house.

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