Assortment of Jokes
Posted by Sarath Jayasinghe on 10/16/2005

Bobby's death

One day a mortician after performing an autopsy suddenly observed that the dead man had a massive organ. He promptly cut it and put it in the brief case so that he can show it to his wife.
After going home he kept the briefcase on the table and told the wife that he brought something of interest to show her and opened the brief.
"Oh my God is bobby dead" screamed the wife and fainted.

African Thermometer

Theree guys one American,british and a nigerian were going on an expedition in the Aamzon river.
The American dipped his thing in the water and told the others the temperature of the water is 40 degrees. The British guy did the same thing and said the temperature was 50 degrees . The Nigerian dipped his prick and said " I know nothing about the temperature but the water is one foot deep.

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