Old man's visit to doctor
Posted by Sarath Jayasinghe on 10/16/2005

An old man walked into doctors chambers with an old lady and wanted to talk to the doctor. He told the doctor that he wanted the doctor to watch him having sex with the lady and tell him whether he was doing properly.

The doctor watched and told he was quite ok and there was nothing wrong with him. The man paid 20.00 dollars as the co payment and went away. Next he walked in again and did the same thing while doctor watched.

Third week when he came again docotr told him " My friend this joke want do".You are upto something and I cannot watch this game again and again.

The man told the doc that if he rent a room at a hotel he had to pay atleast 75 dollers. This way he gets medicare payment for the visit 60 dollars and after paying the doctor he makes a profit of 40 dollars. That was his last visit.

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