Tiger woods enters wrong door
Posted by Roger Goonawardena on 10/11/2005

Tiger woods go to china for a golf game with a local Chinaman, The night before the big even he decides to go out into town and get him self a young prostitute. After buying her few drinks and full course meal, they retire to his hotel for the big event. During the action the girl starts to get louder and even screams of words that Tiger couldn't understand or comprehend.

He thought to him self hmm that probably a sign of enjoyment and he continued even faster and harder. The girl got louder and there was a tone of moaning of slight roughness and she started screaming " Masatho Masotho, Masatho owww weeee owwww Mosotho." Tiger for sure that that meat ohhh it feel so good. This went on for the night.

The next day at the golf course, with the Chinaman he starts his game and decide to let the chinaman put first. After successfully birding the put Chinaman stands fast for Tiger to put Tiger with great confidence puts and birdies and looks at the Chinaman takes a loud exhale and out loud he yells "Masatho."

Chinaman confusingly looks at tiger and looks at the hole, looks back at Tiger and with his index finger to his chin questions Tiger, " What do you mean It's the wrong hole?"

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