My Golden Opportunity
Posted by Alfred F. Seneviratne on September 23, 2005 at 20:21:39

To celebrate Ceylon Theatre's Silver Jubilee, Dr. L.J. Pieris was offered to make, "Nidhanaya" with Gameni Fonseka in the lead. I was given to understand that Dr. Lester Pieris was contemplating on a film titled "Hidden Chararcter". Wasting no time I approached Dr. Pieris and pleaded for the title role in his forthcoming film.

My approach and mannerism changed his mind to give me an audition. Hoping for hope I did my utter best with all my effort and life and soul at it's best speed to gain the part. Dr. Pieris gazed at mrfor a long time and in a soft tone mentioned, "I am afraid, Freddy you are notworthy for this part at all!"

The reason for his decision was that I had no expresion, movements or character whatsoever. Promptly I replied, "Sir, to be natural and precise I portrayed myself as the "Hidden Character!" Dr. Pieris, with a surprising gesture gazed at me till I carry myself away from his presence like a slowmoving 'fadeout'.

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