Comunication reaserch
Posted by Gamini OV on September 13, 2005 at 16:22:28

In US the coomunication is so advanced they wanted to find out how the communication was done at past. They appointed teams of researhers to find out the previous communication sytems. one of the team started digging the earth and found a "cable" after digging 100 meters. Next day news paper head lines" Our people used cables for communication 1000 years back"
They heard the news in India. how about us. lets start digging. after digging 150 meters they found an "optic fibre cable". This time head lines were " Our people were very advanced at that time compared to the others. they used optic fibres for communication about 1500 years back"
Next comes the malasiyans. Orders came to reashers for digging any part of the country and funds were released. They kept digging for days and days up to 350 meters and found nothing. They went to the authorities and said that nothing found for so many days and so much depth.
'Do not worry, We have to conclude this matter in our next party meeting. We will find out some thing"
It came on the news. We are proud to say that our people about 2000 years back use "wirless communication" in our country.

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