Education Inspector
Posted by Gamini OV on September 13, 2005 at 16:20:04

In Sri Lanka it is routine that the education inspectors visit the schools time to time to ensure that the teachers are doing the job properly according the ministry standards.
One smart inspector went to a rural village school for inspection and found no mistakes with teachers or students.He started to dig for something to write in his inspection report.
He went to the grade 8 class where the lady teacher teaching science at that time. He stopped the teaching and said;
Children, I am going to ask two questions in science. hands up if you know the answer.
My first question is" How many stars in the sky?"
Childern were started looking at each other. No hands ups.
Can you answer my question? He asked the teacher. No reply.
'You see, this is serious. if they can't answer this simple question how can they do the exams. I will ask another question. if nobody answers i will take this matter to our director and you have to give explanations.
my second question is "How many gallons of water in the sea."
Same as befor no answer. The inspector got angry. I will give you one more chance. if nobody replies you will be interdicted. said to the teacher.
last question" What is my age"
One student Siripala raised his hand up.
Good son, what is your answer?
Sir, 48 years.
Very Good. exactly correct. please explan to the others how do you find it.
"Sir, i have my elder brother at home. He is 24 years. He is half mad.(Bageta Pissu)'.

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