PUnsiri & KAmala
Posted by Annon on September 13, 2005 at 14:37:14

There were two married people, named Punyawathi and Karunadaasa. They had two children. Punsiri and Kamala. When the private buses were allowed to run in Sri Lanka, Karunadasa had bought two buses and started a bus service in his hometown Ratnapura.

Well, obviously the couple wanted to name their buses. With out much of a thought they took the first two letters of the children's names and named the bus service "PuKa Tours and Travels". ("Pu" from Punsiri and "Ka" from Kamala)

And now the business is doing very well, Puka Tours is in full swing. Karunadasa added more buses to the service and Most of the village folks need the Service of Puka tomove around.

Well now Punsiri and Kamala are grown up kids. Kamala is 22
yrs old and has an affair with a guy. The guy's family thought of finding out about Kamala and came to Karunadasa's house.

So, when they came only Punyawathi was home, Karunadasa was washing the bus at the backyard.

Punyawathi greeted the guests
" Aayubown, Mahath_thayala PUKEN the aave"
"may davas-wala minissu Puken thamai Yanne"

Well guests were surprised but kept their mouths shut. The guys father broke the silence and asked where the father was.
"where is Karunadasa?

Punyawathi replied saying: "Puka hodanava".

Then the guests were quite upset about these people's language, however, they sat down to talk. So, the girl's father again broke the silence and asked from Punyawathi from where do they get their income.

Then, Punyawathi said: "Pukenma thamai".

However, the girl's mother was curious about the dowry..and
inquired abut what her son gets.

Punyawathi then said "Puka thami Deveddata (dowry) denne"
Ape Gamme minissu Puken Yanna Patan Gath-thata passe
apita hari vaasi.

When the guests were about to leave Punyawathi said:
"Poddak inna, dan Karunadasa awilla ogollo serama pukenma arii"

Well at this moment an elderly person appeared from the back of the house and said
"puka thiyna kam baya wenna appa "

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