Screwing for a Rupee
Posted by Ruwan Amarakoon on 9/13/2005

Siripala's father was a sailor and he came home once or twice in a year. When he came home he normally spent most of his time cuddling with his wife. Siripala was the only child and understandably he too wanted to be with his papa. They lived in a tiny house in a remote area.

Siripala used to peep through the keyhole when his parents having sex. So Siripala's parents devised a method to keep him away from the room. They told Siripala that he should be in the veranda and count the people pass by. Siripala's father promised to give him a Rupee for the each person passed in front of the house. Since, their house situated in a remote place hardly anyone took that road.

Once Siripala's papa came home from long sea journey and asked Siripala to watch the road so his parents could have fun without Siripala disturbing. Sirpala reluctantly went to the veranda to count the commuters pass by. It was the time of the Presidential Election and Siripala noticed a huge crowd coming for canvassing.
Siripala jumped with joy.

He ran to the room where his parents having fun. He knocked the door and uttered 'Mama, Papa, one Rupee fucking is finished, President is coming with a huge crowd.'

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