Do you Know who I am ?
Posted by Dileepajay on 9/11/2005

At a Big Social Air Force Function at the Air Force Base, a young second Lieutenent was bored beyond his endurance at the Long Welcome Speech the commanding General was making.
He muttered to the Woman at his side ` What an unbearable old good for nothing speech this Old fellow is making'.
The woman turned to him and said `Lieutenent , do you know who I am ?.
`No, Ma'am '.
I'm the wife of that Unbearable Old fellow as you call him'.
`Indeed !said the Lieutenant ,drawing himself up,.
`And do you know who I am ?."
`No , I don't , said the General's wife.
"Thank God for that!" , breathed the young Lieutenant as he melted into the crowed and dissapeared.

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