Assortment of Jokes
Posted by mahesh on 8/29/2005

why do journalist girls have big boobs??
b'coz they always wear the ID card saying....

friends are like underwears
(always near you).

good friends are like condoms
(always protect you).

best friends are like VIAGRA
(they lift you up when you are down).!!!

70 year old harry still enjoyed chasing gilrs.
his wife was asked if she minded.
she said,
Dogs chase cars, but they can't drive!!!

An interview at the US immigration...

Q:Your name please?
A:Abdul Aziz
A:Thrice a week
Q:I mean, male or female?
A:Doesn't matter sir,
sometimes even CAMELS!!!!

Teacher: Tom can you define the word "Lecturer"for me ?
Tom: Lecturer is a person who has a bad habbit of speaking when someone is sleeping!!!

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