Posted by Dileepajay on 8/26/2005

It was a slow day at the Police Station , so SI Ranbanda decided to use the pay phone to call his Girl Friend as the Official Police Phone could only take Internal Police Lines and not outside Private Calls.

He didn't have any change , so he called out to a young Police Constable Sweeping the Floors "Hey !.. Matimola .. do you have change for (5) Five Rupees ?.

The Young Constable responded , "Sure !" as he started reaching into his pocket. The Sub Inspector -SI , gave him an Icy Stare as he replied , "That's no way to address a superior Officer ! Now let's try it again . Constable , do you have change for (5) Rupees ?.

The Young Constable kept on sweeping the floor as he replied "NO , SIR" .

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