Mother in Canada
Posted by Rohini on May 09, 2005 at 17:59:56

One Jameican lady invited her mother to visit her in Canada because she thought that the mother could see the country. Mother was complaining about her weak eye sight and the daughter sent her to an eye doctor and the doctor told the mother that she has cataract in her eye and he could get rid of it very easily. The mother went home without saying a word to the doctor and did not say anything to the daughter about it.

Friends and relatives started asking quetions about Canada when she went back home and she answered that Canada is a very nice country but some people who live in the country are very crazy. People could not understand what was she trying to say and asked why did she say that people are crazy in the country. The lady (mother ) replied that the eye doctor told her there is a cat and rat in her eye.

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