Two friends
Posted by Rashmi Himasha on May 03, 2005 at 17:28:50

One day two friends was walking in the forest in Sri Lanka. Both of them were a little scared. After seeing animals, mountains and rivers they felt very tired and it was very dark too!

The first friend ask the second friend" Machang, are you feeling tired?" The second friend said"Yes machang i am feeling very tired too!"

So the two friends build the tent and went to sleep. After a little while the first wake up and he saw the tent was gone. So he wake up the second friend.

When the second friend wake up he saw alot of stars and said "Thank You very much machang for waking me up and to see the beautiful stars."

And the second friend said "Modayo! can't you see our tent is gone. There are theifs in the forest." Let's get out of the forest.

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