Most valuble dog
Posted by Asoka Wijesekara on April 27, 2005 at 18:50:38

One funeral parede which was heading towards to beriyal ground amazingly participated by only "men". One quirious guy who was a bystander,walked in to the parede and got closed to a man who was following closely the two coffins which was carried in the front.

He then asked the person seems to be a close relative to the dead ones. "I am sorry gentleman,I know this is not the right time to ask this,but I donot have any more time to waste. May I know who has died?".

That's my wife. Man replied.
Pls. accept my sympathy.How it happend ?
My dog attacked her.
Who is the other deceased?.
That is my mother in law.
How she died?
She try to save my wife and she also attacked by dog.
Oh! amazing! wishpered the man and his next question was, "Can I have that dog ?"
Pls. get back in the queue."all these men want the same dog!!"

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