Birds for Sale
Posted by para on April 27, 2005 at 18:46:15

A man went to the market saw three birds for sale. He asked the store clark about the price of the first bird, the cleark sz $200.00, he was shoked. want to find out the reason why so much, so the clark told him this bird know how to handle all the micorsoft sofware, that's why this price.

so he asked about the 2nd bird's price, he sz it's $500.00, so he asked what does he know. the cleark replies he is a programer, he know all the programing.

finaly he asked about the 3rd one, he sz it's $1000.00, he was shocked and asked him why, the cleark replies "i don't know what he know's, i never seen him working, but these two birds are calling him boss".

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