Pillion rider
Posted by Asoka Wijesekara on April 27, 2005 at 18:43:25

Two friends were heading towards to Anuradhapura the north central capital town of Sri lanka on A'pura - Putlam road by a motorcycle.

Since it was very cold early in the morning with slight rain around 4 am,the pillion rider wore his jacket opposite way(front to back)to avoid cold air entering to his chest area.

Due to the still darkness the rider drove past a road hump on the same speed. After about few kilometers he noticed that his friend who was sitting at the back missing.He turned around and drove back on the same road.

Soon he saw many people gathered to road side and waching some thing on the road at dark.He stopped and identified that was his friend!.

He asked the crowd "Is he alright?"

One elderly person answered, "He was screeming on the road with his head twisted to backside. We turned it to the correct side and now he stopped screeming" !!!

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