Break Adjustment
Posted by Senevi on 3/19/2005

Tsumani-hit businessman no longer can go to his usual Gurage in Town of Galle. So he had to go bit further away to another Gurage to attend his car problem. While the mechanic was attending to the car he was walking round the car not knowing the cost the gurage may quote on the repair. After about one hour coming out of the car he informed the customer that the 'Suqeeze' was coming from his shoes and not from the car!


The owner of the shop near by brought his car to Reliable Motors in Matara to attend the breaks. The Mechanic testing it said there was nothing wrong with it.

Owner insisted someting was wrong in it, and asked him to recheck it. The man went under the car and snaped with a tool and asked the owner to check the car on the 'paddle'. He said tight it bit more. Trying again he said the same thing. The mechanic hit the same place bit harder. The owner said that was fine.

The owner asked the worker after the cutomer left why did he lied to the customer. He replied as he did not believe the mechanic he did way did just to please him and he was satisfied and you too Sir have to be satisfied as we charged him for no repairs done!

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