Two oil lamps
Posted by Hubert on 3/10/2005

A man was faster asleep at one night, ofcourse with his wife beside him-. He then had a dream where he saw that there were two oil lamps burning. One of them had less oil than the other. As he could not understand what they ment, he rushed to an Astrologer and explained to him what he saw.

The Astrologer paused for a while and told him "son, the quantity of oil in the lamps represented your life span". The man immediately asked the Astrologer which one represented his life span and that of his wife.

The Astrologer replied "son, the less one yours and the other your wife's". The man was very worried when he heard this. Then he got a bright idea.

He slowly dipped his finger in his wife's lamp and emptied it drop by drop into his one. While he was going on doing this he got an unbearable slap on his face.

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