Movie Interviewer
Posted by Senevi on 3/08/2005

Movie Interviewer: "Welcome to "Mr. Hollywood Picks the Flicks", with previews of New Movies!" First is a Western; A Pretty School-teacher dates the Town Banker so he won't foreclose on her Ranch".

Movie Cretic: "Mam with charm keeps Farm from Harm!"

Movie In.: "And a Romantic Comedy.. An Ice-cream Vendor runs away with a Snobbish Society Lady!"

Movie Cretic: "Shirks Tutti-Frutti Duty for Snooty Beauty".

Movie In.: "Cut the wisecracks, Mr. Hollywood! The next one is a serious Documentary film!" A fragile Boat carrying advertising circulars capsizes during Hurricane 'Gail'!"

Movie Cretic: " Frail Sail loses Sale Mail in Gale "Gail"!"

Advice from a Sri Lankan Film Director: "To make most successful movie, one must add some Sketches with Songs, Dances, Fights and Comics stretching to 3 hours in length. If the story has nothing to do with the name of the movie at least state it's name before the movie ends.

Eg: Mr T. Somasekeran's "Sadasulang" he made sure the hero (Prem Jayanth), placing him in jail and with some kind of emotion on the face, to utter the line, "My life is like a "Sadasulangak", (a stormy Hurricane."

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