Travelling Circus
Posted by Sarath Jayasinghe on February 24, 2005 at 18:38:09

While on a tour my SriLankan friend saw a travelling Circus. At the entrance there was a sign with the following written on it. The person who make this elephant shake his head will win a prize of 500 Dollars.

My friend went inside and had look at the elephant and noticed that it was from Sri Lanka. He went upto the keeper and told him that he could do it. The keeper looked at him very sarcastically and said I had people from US ,Uk and all other countries who tried it but failed.

My friend said that given a chance he could give a try at it. So he walked up to the stage and squeezed the testacles of the elephant. The elephant did not show any response. The keeper said you will never do this, but my friend said show me your prize then I shall do it.

After seeing the cash prize he walked upto the elephant and whispered to his ear and said this. "Ali Malli Thawa Paarak Mirikannada". The elephant promptly shook his head and requested him to do it again.

My friend walked up to the keeper and collected his money and walked away.

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